‘Imi pono a me lamalama ka‘ili (Strive to be righteous and glow with health)

Beautiful Volcano, Hawai‘i near the 4000 ft summit of Kilauea is the setting of our "House of Healing". Hale Ho‘ōla or spoken in full Hale Ho‘ōla Ma‘i Me Kapule, "House of Faithful Healing", is nestled in the beautiful tropical rain forest only minutes from the World renowned Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park . This setting with it’s surreal mystical beauty and mythical undercurrent makes the ideal healing destination for both island visitors and our island ‘ohana alike.

The trained staff at Hale Ho‘ōla strive to embody the collective wisdom of our Kūpuna (Native Elders) that we might emanate ALOHA (Healing Intention) to our spa guests at our fullest potential. We accomplish this by sustaining daily our own mental, physical and spiritual wellness through family centered balanced living, loving care of our island home, active participation in our island community, and by humble righteous living. By this we endeavor to keep our physical spirit vessels (temples) in as perfect a form as divinely possible that we might better serve others for higher purpose. This translates directly to what we are told is a spa experience like none other.